Who Is Perler Financial?

Perler Financial Group services individuals at all stages of lives. Its clientele consists of a variety of business owners and professionals of both small and large operation, retired and salary based individuals at all income levels, and young investors just starting on the road to their financial future. Regardless of your position in life, Perler Financial Group has the skills and the tools to help you plan a successful financial future.

Some of the services Perler Financial Group’s advisors provide include, but are not limited to: estate planning, retirement planning, wealth accumulation, and income protection (refer to the “Our Services” tab for more information). Such services may be offered in large corporations, but what sets this firm apart is not only the extensive services, but also the close advisor to client relations that are typically found only in boutique firms. Perler Financial Group is proud to offer customized comprehensive planning with personalized servicing.

Perler Financial maintains working relationships with leading financial institutions to ensure its clients benefit from extensive quality products, services and resources. To learn more about what your advisor can do for you, click on your advisor’s introduction on the “Perler Advisors” link.

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Unmatched Skill Set

Our skills, knowledge, and experience in the financial industry are unparalleled, resulting in several of our advisors being amongst the top within Worldsource Financial Management.

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Close Client Relations

Our objective is to get to know “you” as a person, rather than just you as a “client”. A more personal relationship provides a complete understanding of our clients’ goals and aspirations.

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Extensive Resources

Our personalized financial plans require consideration of multiple factors and attention to our client’s personal circumstance.

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Mutual Funds and some Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Other Products and Services are offered through Perler Financial Group.